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What started in 1969 as a vision, or Search, of two surfers has evolved into a way of life for surfers and board sport enthusiasts worldwide. Rip Curl remains a private company committed to the mission of being regarded as The Ultimate Surfing Company. Now designing, producing, and distributing a variety of highly innovative clothing, wetsuits, boardshorts, watches, mountainwear, footwear, eyewear, accessories, and other equipment for the range of board sports through more than 60 countries around the globe, Rip Curl prides itself on its world class roster of athletes and the simple objective to Live The Search.


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Lost is based in San Clemente, California. When the school wanted to win win win - we wanted to surf and skateboard - we were Team Lost. In 1993 the company ...Lost was born with founders Matt Biolos shaping boards for friends and Mike Reola distributing a small t-shirt and hat line to core shops in the area. Today the ...Lost brand's message and product reaches around the world - with team rider feedback from Mason Ho, Cheeseburger, Pat Duffy, Chris Ward, Kyle Berard and many others. Lost is an independently owned maker of clothing, surfboards, skateboards.


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Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 43 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge organization, catering to the best surfers in the world. It started with hard-core surfing and quality in mind and these guidelines have brought us through four decades of constant change in the surf industry. Channel Islands will shape the new millennium with innovative design and quality as our main focus.

“The driving force behind Channel Islands Surfboards is the demand on design created by the world’s greatest surfers, allowing for the highest performance surfing possible. To provide the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced, performance designs is my passion” - Al Merrick, Designer/Shaper

CI is a privately held organization focused on rider-driven product and manufacturing the best possible equipment available. Located in a state-of-the-art facility just blocks from Rincon Del Mar, the CI HQ represents a foundation for developing, testing, and building boards while providing jobs in Santa Barbara for many years to come.


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The company started with Hyman, who built boards in Australia for 35 years. Instrumental in the development of computer shaping, he wanted a way to mass-produce top designs with the precision of machines without compromising quality. That’s why in 2005, he started the company that would become Firewire. The process was extremely laborious, but now the San-Diego based company has expanded and has a successful factory in Thailand. Hyman said, “It’s just sensational what we’ve achieved in such a short time.”
Aside from performance-based innovations, the company has garnered recognition for their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their boards. In 2005, Firewire won the EuroSIMA Environmental Product of the Year Award. “It was proven that our surfboards released 50 times less Volatile Organic Compounds than a traditional surfboard during the manufacturing process and the life of the surfboard,” said CEO Mark Price.

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We are a shitload of things at the same time, but when it all comes to one word, well, we will claim "surfing!" is The word. Our surfboard factory is the biggest in europe, placed between Mundaka and Hossegor in the nearby area of San Sebastian and Zarautz, Spain's Basque Country. Rather surf during lowtide??
The shops and the surfschools are part of a group that employs close to a hundred people.


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We build surfboards. Pretty sick ones in fact! Yeah, we use cutting edge materials and crazy ways of putting it all together. Our boards are insane.The world's leading surfboard manufacturer dedicated to bringing you proven, refined shapes from the best shapers on earth, all built using our advanced composite constructions.
25+ Years of Innovation • Superior Designs • Unprecedented Team


Original shop in Huntington Beach, CA

 The surfboard shapers and designers at Infinity, consist of master craftsman Steve Boehne and his two sons Dan and Dave. The Boehne family tree takes a lot of pride in the heritage that they bring to each shape. Steve, who taught the rest of the crew the many lessons in sculpting foam, shaped and glassed his first board in 1960 at the age of 13.

Steve discovered surfing in 1959. His first board was a balsa Velzy -Jacobs. He surfed Torrance Beach and Palos Verdes Cove. The early surfing culture was strong in “South Bay” even before the Beach Boys records. He built about a hundred boards in his garage until 1968 when he went to work shaping for Gordie Surfboards. Gordie was a master craftsman and really helped Steve refine his classic longboard shapes.

Shortboards exploded on the scene around ’69 and Steve shaped about 50 boards a week for several shops in Huntington Beach for the next couple of years. He and Barrie were married in 1971 and together, they opened the first Infinity Surf Shop. It was in an old gas station on 5th and PCH in Huntington beach. The hand painted sign boasted perfect surfboards, hopefully that meant perfectly suited.

Infinity Surf Shop, Dana Point CA

We continue and try to stay true to our roots and make perfect surfboards. We pride ourselves on making the most versatile range of boards for all kinds of surfers. Shortboards, Longboards, SUP’s, Retro, Tandem, Waveski we make it all! All by hand right here in Southern California.

Infinity Surfboards has always been “MADE OUT WEST”


fcs l

Introduced to the Australian market in 1992 and released globally in 1994. To this day FCS is the strongest, most successful, and the most widely used fin system in the world.
Since its global release in 1994, 28 ASP World Titles and countless events have been won riding FCS. No other system in the world can lay claim to a single ASP World Title in either the men’s, women’s, junior's, or longboard divisions. The success of FCS is a testament to its advantages over other fin systems, this includes traditional fixed fins as well.


outr l

The best SUP paddles design since 2008 ...
Our paddles have been tested by the best riders in the world.
From France to Hawaii, From Tahiti to New Caledonia, ... and much more.
If you want to ride waves, win a race, or just having fun cruising with friends and family you should test our premium designs, you will be surprised how easy and efficient they are. You will love them, for sure !
Good rides and have fun.


gorilla l




Having the backing of a brand and a company is another element that distinguishes Keith from so many others. He’s still just cooking with water, yes, but that water doesn’t sit in the same pond all the time, but get’s USED, FEEDBACKED AND REVIEWED around the world and creates a magnificent database of “who likes what” over time.



Our slogan reads Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication because everything we do, where we live, travel, and work is connected to the sport, for you to enjoy.


mfc l

Pio Marasco moved to Maui at the end of 1989 because of his passion for the ocean and for water sports. This passion inevitably led him to work in the watersports industry. MFC HAWAII (established in 1986) was his first connection into the industry and from there he started his adventure as a “fin maker”. Marasco’s life revolves around the ocean, and Hawaii is the perfect place for Pio to express his creativity and ideas in every form. His vision is to contribute the best fins to the market. He meticulously takes his time to personally connect with every sailor, customer and client on the beach, web or in his store, located in the Pawela Cannery in Haiku, Maui-HAWAII. Marasco spends as much time in the water as he can. He personally tests all of the MFC fins going on the market together with the MFC team.


armada l

An idea hatched over a few beers between the world’s greatest skiers, Armada is no longer a suggestion of what a ski company should be. Today, Armada is distributed globally in over 40 nations and embodies the cutting edge of the sport: athlete driven, design obsessed, and technologically superior.
  Our independence allows for a single-minded focus on the product, assuring that the skis always meet the needs of an elite team of riders who know what works. Skiers the world over who demand the best demand Armada.
  Armada is a family of skiers, athletes, artists, designers, and engineers that didn’t just push the envelope—we blew it wide open. And the industry is scrambling to catch up.
We are Armada. We are what skiing will become.



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