Born in the Swiss Alps.

It started as a small rebellion. We were outcasts — an eclectic bunch of passionate skiers prototyping new ideas in the epic Alpine playground of Verbier, Switzerland. Snowboarding had unleashed the wildness of surf and skate culture into the mountains, while our beloved Alpine skiing was dominated by big brands that had lost touch with their fans, caught up in racing to the bottom and high-volume production.

The Faction Collective is now an iconic leader in the freeskiing revolution that has taken skiing by storm. Freeskiing is no longer a small faction rebelling against classic Alpine racing, but the driving force in skiing that delivers performance with a sense of freedom, fun and adventure. Faction’s relentless development process delivers award-winning skis that are used by the world’s most demanding mountaineers; Freeride World Tour champions; Olympic and X Games gold medalists; and more than 100,000 fans. We give every member of our Collective the confidence that they are riding the most progressive, best-engineered skis on the mountain.