The first Infinity Surfboard was shaped in 1970. It is a 7′ balsa single fin with #1 proudly printed on the tail. It has never been ridden but hangs as a memorial on the wall. Since that time, more than 40,000+ surfboards have been carefully created. They on the other hand, have taken the drop and drawn every possible line that perhaps 45,000 or more riders could think of.Original shop in Huntington Beach, CA The surfboard shapers and designers at Infinity, consist of master craftsman Steve Boehne and his two sons Dan and Dave. The Boehne family tree takes a lot of pride in the heritage that they bring to each shape. Steve, who taught the rest of the crew the many lessons in sculpting foam, shaped and glassed his first board in 1960 at the age of 13.Steve discovered surfing in 1959. His first board was a balsa Velzy -Jacobs. He surfed Torrance Beach and Palos Verdes Cove.
The early surfing culture was strong in “South Bay” even before the Beach Boys records. He built about a hundred boards in his garage until 1968 when he went to work shaping for Gordie Surfboards.
We continue and try to stay true to our roots and make perfect surfboards. We pride ourselves on making the most versatile range of boards for all kinds of surfers. Shortboards, Longboards, SUP’s, Retro, Tandem, Waveski we make it all! All by hand right here in Southern California.